Apostle John series, book 3 cover choice

I would like help please, in choosing a cover for book 3 in the Apostle John series, called ‘The Light of Truth’

Once again the cover images were supplied by Lena’s Lens Photography (on Facebook), and the titles and sizing done by Olabrada.

I have a favourite, but I need to choose the most effective for the book content.

About the book…

Like the previous two books in the series, ‘The Light of the Truth”  is set in Ephesus in the 1st century AD, with fact wrapped up in fiction.

Some of the background characters in the previous two books move into the spotlight and provide some necessary back-story. New characters arrive; some merely passing through, others settling into their place in the story, or setting things up for book 4.

The Apostle John and his fictional great-grandson, Benjamin,  remain the central characters in this fictional but based on fact continuation of the story first started in Hold the Faith. (Available on Smashwords, and Amazon)

Ephesus in the 1st century was a city of pagans, ruled by Romans. Grow in Grace and The Light of Truth are set in the time of the Emperor Domitian, the first Roman Emperor who declared himself  ‘Lord and God’. (There was a glimpse of the latter at the end of book 2, Grow in Grace.)

The Jews had a dispensation and were not required to make the ‘act of worship’ to the Emperor. Not so the Christians, which is an on-going threat.

There is animosity, bordering on hatred in some instances, by the Jews toward the ‘new’ sect, the followers of ‘the Way’. Although their beliefs and many of their practices are the same, the Jews see and treat them as heretics… or worse because some of the key players had been born and raised Jews, and chose to follow the teachings of Christ.

The Light of Truth covers the slow dawning of truth, and the effect that it will have on one Jewish family, while at the same time continuing the story of the cost of that truth amongst the brethren.

I would very much appreciate it if you would scroll down to the poll to register your choice of cover for this new, as yet unpublished, book. Just click the ‘radio’ button next the option number you prefer.

Or, if you are on Facebook, visit my author page and tell me which you prefer there.

The Light of Truth cover, option 1
Option 1







The Light of Truth cover, option 2

Option 2



The Light of Truth cover, option 3

Option 3



The Light of Truth cover, option 4

Option 4

Actually they are all my favourites when I see them together. (Placement might be a bit odd, WordPress is the boss LOL)

I have done something that I have never attempted before, added a poll. If it works there are three options to vote for the one you think would be best.

I appreciate your help, thank you


PS Grow in Grace is also available on Smashwords and Amazon

The Light of Truth is coming soon.


4 thoughts on “Apostle John series, book 3 cover choice

  1. thesilverofhisfining

    Hi, Susan! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I’m undecided on the cover, but I did check out the trailer for your first book in the series. Sounds like a good one. May you be blessed in the writing of your third book. ~Joyce


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