How Easy it is…

Bletchley Circle titlecard

Recently I watched an episode of the Bletchley Circle. The four women had worked out a mass murderer was ‘collecting’ his victims from a particular train line. In the episode I saw, they were trying to work out how the murderer managed to get the young women off the train without them making a fuss. In other words, going with him willingly.

I daresay there are many ways – I found out a way to be ‘taken’ cooperatively this morning.

This morning I had an appointment with a specialist at a private medical centre. That went well, better than expected, and I happily left the clinic. I had been gifted with the taxi fare – but there were no taxis when I waited in the cold. However, a bus came, so I took that to Perth, two minutes away.

Perth Esplanade Busport
Wikimedia commons

When I exited the Busport, I must have turned the wrong way – it is not a place I am familiar with. As I stood there, looking left and right a well-dressed man, possibly in his forties, stopped. He asked me something, I cannot remember what now. I told him what I was trying to find. At first he gave me directions, then said he would walk with me. (See how easy it is!)

He smiled, and talked. He asked me if I was a visitor to Perth. When I said that I wasn’t he asked what had brought me to town. I answered in the vaguest of terms. With a lovely smile, he told me his name. I told them there was someone in my book with that name, but did not give him my name.

That whole area is being ‘constructed’ and as I accompanied this man, in what I knew was the wrong direction, I saw all the fenced off construction sites and figured there would be no help. In all honesty, I did not feel that I needed it, at that point, but if I had, for such a busy city – elsewhere – it was deserted here.

I queried where he was leading me, and he assured me it was the way I needed. See how easy it is. Although I knew it was wrong, I was watching and assessing and working out the direction I was being ‘taken’ in. I could always turn and go back to the Busport – which was now some distance away.

Al-fresco cafe

Well, I truly was in totally the wrong place, but when we rounded a corner there was a café – one of those ‘alfresco’ ones. (It must have been cold for those folks sitting there.) Anyway. From that café I could see a plaza-type space that led to the street that my husband and I used to walk up to book our tickets at the Emirates office.

Thanking him, when he was distracted at the café, I hurried to the main street, crossed the road at the traffic lights and walked up to a street with a busy taxi rank.

I do not think I was in any danger… but – if I had been a young woman, perhaps a bit ‘tiddly’ and lost and some personable and very well-dressed man had offered to assist…

There are many situations in which women willingly go with strangers. In this day and age – we need to BEWARE.

Just thought I would share this. It is easier than we think.



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The Light of Truth

Greetings – and again apologies for lack of posts recently.

Cover for The Light of TruthI have been, with the help of my awesome editor, finishing and preparing The Light of Truth for publishing.

(If you want to know about it, overview at Smashwords where it is on sale during pre-release period. )

I made a trailer for it – using the images from my very gifted ‘sister in Christ’ Lena and the awesome music of the gifted young ‘brother’. Levi.

The finishing of the draft for this third book was ‘bitter-sweet’ – for want of a better way of thinking of it. The people in this series of books were family members to Geoff and I, LOL and it was a while before I could read the draft without crying, as I remembered some of his comments, and our discussions.

One day I will tell him how I solved the problem of how to bring something to a conclusion. (If we will still be interested in such things when we meet as spirit beings.)

In the meantime, I am again facing the aneurysm problem. The very complex graft that was made for most of my aorta, has a leak. It looks like the surgeon who did the ‘procedure’ took me off his follow-up list. But a different test revealed the leak, and a cardiologist referred me to another vascular surgeon – who referred me back to the one who did the surgery. (I see him as a private patient next week.)

When I was shown the leak ‘live’ on a CT scan my first thought was ‘Praise God for His mercy, that Geoff is not here to go through this again. People who knew my husband knew how that period of waiting for someone brave enough to do the operation, the wait for the graft to be custom made, and the recovery time – scared him. Yes, he trusted God… but did not know what God’s will was.

So, this has been a busy time. Between the book, the trailer, pillar-to-post appointments… and trying to set in place arrangements for what will happen if this cannot be fixed.

So, before I finish…. credits.

Mariela. (If you need an awesome editor/encourager then you will find one here.)

Lena. (Not only the covers of all three books in the Apostle John series, but also the images used in some of the slides on the trailer.) Her Facebook site, Lena’s Lens Photography is

John. As well as encouraging, has done all the re-sizing and text on the covers to meet the exacting standards of eBook covers.

Levi. Who has allowed me to use two of his compositions – and the sound tracks for the two trailers. One for Hold the Faith and the other for The Light of Truth.

And also the readers who have encouraged me.

I am also ever mindful of the scripture in 1 Cor 4: 7 part of which says… “What do you have that you have not received.”

I praise God for His gifts, for His faithful ministers, and the love and support of His gifted people.


You can see the video – without the annoying white line, on my Facebook author page