Eunuchs, and why was a ministry censored?

Hi – sorry it has taken so long between posts – I have been immersed in producing free stuff for the book launch. (Yes… Hold the Faith is now in print as well as being available as ebooks from various outlets.)

But that is not what this post is about… it’s about a Christian ministry article being removed by Facebook… let me hand over to the writer so you can read it yourself.


Censorship is no joke!

Attention friends!!! Our ministry has been censored!

This is no joke!
Censorship is ANTI-AMERICAN!

Facebook has removed and blocked the article the Tifton Gazette published Friday about our ministry.

There is a wicked agenda against everything natural and holy and the enemy is busy!

If you support free speech. If you support natural marriage. If you support biblical truth.

Then share this article!!!

Stand with us and refuse to be silenced.

Thank you my friends!

Johnny N.
Born That Way Ministries

Susan – If you are like me, you might have read that and wondered, “Oh dear, what is this about?” However, I read the article and found a very balanced explanation of eunuchs. See for yourself….

The article that was censored.

TIFTON — Two Doerun pastors shed light on an issue that continues to be a controversial subject in society in the re-release of their book, “Born That Way After All,” which was written for those who are eunuchs to “help them understand their unique purpose in life.”

“Born That Way After All” was written by the Rev. David Nixon and his father-in-law, the Rev. Glenn Hamm. Both are pastors at First Love Baptist Church in Doerun. Nixon said they planted the church and it’s been in existence for 3 1/2 years.

Nixon was in Tifton Saturday morning for a book signing at Walls of Books bookstore on Main Street. He said the book was actually released in 2013. He said the current book is a re-release, which has been revised, updated and expanded.

“God has done some wonderful things,” Nixon said.

He said in less than three years, they have received more than 2,500 testimonies from all over from individuals who have been delivered from sexual identity confusion.

Nixon, who has been happily married to his wife for 18 years and have five children together, said they are Christians and they approach this subject in a Christian way.

“We don’t attack anybody,” he said.

“It’s unique because we’re not reparative therapy. We’re not trying to change someone from homosexual to heterosexual. In fact, we dismiss those terms altogether.”

Nixon explained that those terms were actually invented in 1869 by a man who was a sexual deviant and part of an organization that believed in bestiality.

He said they choose to stay within the bounds of scripture with their wording, and the Bible says there is natural and unnatural.

“We believe in natural marriage — between a man and a woman,” he said. “Unnatural marriage would be between anything other than what’s natural.”

Nixon says in Matthew 19, when Jesus is discussing marriage, he describes individuals who are born from the womb to remain faithfully unmarried as eunuchs.

“Jesus explains three different categories of eunuchs,” he said. “He [Jesus] says that some are born eunuchs, some are made eunuchs and some choose to be.”

He said when “we hear that word in English, in our culture, we only think about the castrated eunuch, when in fact that’s not the case at all.”

Nixon explained, “A eunuch is simply one who is created to be a nurturer or guardian — someone that, as Matthew 19:12 explains, is born from the womb. They’re natural. They’re not born deficient, they’re not born handicap. It’s not a punishment, it’s actually a gift.”

When speaking of Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:7-8, Nixon said Paul says both the life of remaining unmarried is a gift and the life of being married is a gift.

Nixon said for some young people when they go through puberty and adolescence, they may not have the same feelings as their friends who begin to notice the opposite sex, but is not attracted to the same sex.

“The pressure of our culture is demanding — in other words, if you don’t like girls, you must be gay,” he said, noting this is not the case.

He said the label of homosexual/heterosexual, gay/straight is new age and based upon flawed science and flawed philosophy. One young man who works in their ministry was on the verge of suicide, as well as several others who they have dealt with because they had nowhere to go.

“They’re confused,” Nixon said. “They feel like they are left with nowhere to turn, so they often try to commit suicide.”

When asked about any opposition, he said they haven’t had any from those they are trying to help. He said the greatest level of opposition they have faced is from those who misunderstand the ministry. He said this could be because people may see the title of their book and assume that they’re saying something they’re not.

“Maybe they think that we’re saying people are born gay and that’s not what we’re saying,” Nixon said.

He said they have faced opposition from activists for the unnatural lifestyle.

“They also misunderstand our ministry. They think that we are reparative therapy, so they don’t read the material,” he said.

Nixon said they have not met anyone yet who has struggled and read the book in its entirety and not received the answer.

“That’s incredible,” he said, smiling.

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Susan – That certainly made it clear for me… I hope it does for you.

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