Geoff’s Last Journeyings, final draft

Geoffs last journeying, coverWhat I hope is the final draft of Geoff’s Last Journeyings is finished. It was done in Publisher, then converted to PDF.

In the last week, when I have not had much energy, I have ‘plonked’ myself in front of the computer, and read it. Oh how many minor mistakes. (We didn’t have seats on the plane, we had seas.) So there were some smiles. A big smile was re-living the day in the hospice, when the consultant was in the room with us and Geoff wriggled and squirmed, then triumphantly handed me the little needle from  his abdomen that  the nurses used to ‘sedate’ him a little so they could wash and turn him.

Reading it, meant to a large extent – re-living it, and that was sad, painful etc. However, what shone through for me, was just how much both Geoff and I were blessed. Big blessings, and those little ones that show God’s handprint in the life of the believer.

It was a journey of faith… coming home. The very last part of Geoff’s Last Journeyings, was very much a journey of faith for him, and I am on a new journey of faith.

Holding on to our faith is probably the most important thing we must do. Regardless of the circumstances. Remember, God has the BIG picture.

I received an email last week from someone who had read the first two books in the Apostle John series, (Hold the Faith and Grow in Grace) and had been looking on Amazon for book three. Sadly, it is still a draft. The loss of my primary ‘beta’ reader, sort of stopped me. Nevertheless, I have been thinking of it more lately, and now what I have finished Geoff’s Last Journeyings… and am reasonably satisfied with it, book three might come back to life.


So many people have helped me during these seven months, you have no idea how much that has meant to me. Thank you and God bless you.

Thank you text

Plodding on,








Greetings and apologies for the long space between posts.

This has been an interesting, and challenging six months.

As anyone who has lost a loved one, particularly a spouse, will know – it takes a lot of adjusting to living with part of you missing.



Then my daughter was moving house. Except for Sabbaths, I went every day for two weeks to help pack, transport (in my tiny Matiz) and help with the cleaning.


When I ended up seriously ill, and hospitalised, she was very upset, thinking she had killed me.

It was my choice. I volunteered to help.

I still have pneumonia, but at least I am home. Bit by bit I am picking up things that are left ‘hanging’.

God is good, and call me mad if you like, but I believe He allowed me to ‘see’ the answers to some lingering questions that haunted me about Geoff’s last illness. I am thinking of putting it in as an ‘Epilogue’ to Geoff’s Last Journeyings, which I will get back to when I can sit and concentrate for longer.

I was taken to hospital. I think they X-Rayed me in bed, then it started… the discussions over me. “Significant consolidation in the …. (lung), and a few other terms that I recognised. I remember thinking, “That’s what they said about Geoff.”

I was quite content to die and wait, like he is, for my resurrection. Still, I remembered that God has the big picture, and simply said, ‘Your will be done.”

oxygen via nasal prongsOxygen, I/V antibiotics and more ‘Geoff stuff’ and I was sent to a ward.

I could not believe it at first. I was taken to the ‘old’ birthing suite. Geoff had been there too. Part of the ward was used as overflow beds when he was having surgery there. Now it was a ‘medical’ ward.

Over the next few days, the treatment was eerily similar. Not allowed out of bed alone at first. Then the indignity of having to use a Zimmer frame LOL. (At least the hospital Geoff was in had modified ‘walkers’.) Walks with oxygen to see how far I could go. So many times I thought, “This is what Geoff went through”. It was oddly comforting. When I spiked another 40.9 temp and they had to call in the RMO, I was given a Salbutamol neb. They explained why they were doing it, and so on, not realising that I had a great deal of experience with those things. Geoff was on several a day.

I found it is possible to lie quietly, resting in God, and be aware of what is going on around me.

Then a Gallium scan was booked… more similarities.

But that is not the point, what I meant was that as I lay there, helpless, with nurses and doctors, physio and OT it was as if I was having a glimpse of what Geoff went through. Oddly it was very comforting, answered a great many ‘I wonder…’ questions, and gave me peace.

God is good text

God is good, and His mercy endures forever.