Hold the Faith trailer


I am being targeted by a company who want to ‘promote’ the video for Hold the Faith. After looking at the ‘campaign’, it seems to me that the method is that I will pay for people to be ‘spammed’ with this trailer.

No thank you!

As anyone who has read this blog for a while, or explored the pages, will know, Hold the Faith is an eBook in a narrow genre.

It is both historical, and fiction… and it is Christian. (I cannot see that ‘spamming’ people is correct.)

Don’t YOU hate landing on a page and have a video, or clip play automatically? I know I do.

So, if you don’t know there is a YouTube video about the eBook, then the best place to see it is here. Not popping up to annoy people on random pages.

So I have put it in below. It does NOT play automatically. If you want to view it, click the ‘arrow’.




Busy week, memory problems… and a correct weather forecast

blog on paperGreetings, and my apologies for the rather erratic or missing posts in recent weeks.


Friday afternoon (West Aussie time) I had it all worked out. I was going to blog something… but between then and Saturday evening, I have forgotten what it was.

·alarm clock

At the same time, I am not surprised. This has been a busy week. So many early starts (like 4.00 am one day), helping my gorgeous daughter move house; coping with the weather forecast being correct on a day I did not want it to be correct.


It was not pleasant standing in a cemetery in strong winds and pouring rain. (There was a smile when the aforementioned daughter thanked the kangaroos who were sitting in pouring rain for their attendance.)

Then there was Friday morning. Daughter and grandson heading off with car and trailer to load some of the remnants of the move, I was going to buy them some drinks and join them. Eased my aches into my car, put the keys in the ignition – and wondered… ‘Where is my handbag?’  Oh no, it’s locked up in the ‘new’ place. Tried to catch the aforementioned car and trailer, but couldn’t even see it.

Then I remembered what I had done with my bag… put it on the back seat of the car towing the trailer while I tried to help hitch them. I couldn’t even ring to tell my daughter and grandson, and I didn’t have a purse with me. Hmm.

Solution. Old people might be slow, but not without ideas.

Go home, ring them on the house phone,raid my ‘gold coin’ collection ($1.00 and $2.00 coins), go to the local shops and get the supplies.

At the time it made sense. Later I thought I should have made my way to the old house, retrieved my bag, and gone to shops from there. Duh!

Looking ahead, the next six days are also busy, culminating on Friday when I have been asked to give a talk to a group, about early Christianity. (Fortunately, from my research for Hold the Faith, and Grow in Grace, I have lots of information about first century Christians.)

After that, it is my hope that normal posting will be resumed on this blog.

Till then, tread softly…

Tread softly