About Hold the Faith

Hold the Faith takes the reader back in time to the fledgling church; to the first century AD to be precise. The book is a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction. The Apostle John is alive, living in Ephesus, and supporting a number of churches with his writings and travels.

The novel does NOT preach, nor does it advocate a particular creed. What it DOES in fictional characters, is provide the opportunity to see the way our early Christian ancestors lived. Surprisingly, the pressures they lived under, although different to the present day, were probably more stressful than now. They were hated by the pagans and by the Jews, who saw them as traitors to their beliefs. Mistrusted and persecuted by the Romans because they refused to worship the Roman emperor as god, many were sent to the lions and executed for their beliefs… yet they grew in faith and number. So too did another group, counterfeit Christianity… the beginnings of the various Gnostic opponents. Against all these pressures Christians encouraged each other, held fast and stood against the mockery of their critics … see for yourself how God confirmed ‘…if it is of God you cannot overthrow them…” Acts 5: 39

See the trailer here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvWYS7ezVp0&feature=youtu.be


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