Hold the Faith – update

Hold the Faith in print is finally coming to Western Australia.

Photo, Hold the Faith, print cover


Seems as if it has been a long time since I did any ‘Hold the Faith’ updates… and that is true. So, here I rectify this with an update. As it says above, the print edition of Hold the Faith is coming to Western Australia.

It has been available in the US and through Amazon for some months now, and is in Koorong books online catalog. However – on the 19th May, 2016 there is a book launch for the folks of the Perth area.

Let me tell you about the book – after all, it has been a long time since this blog started, and I have been making a bit of a potpourri of posts.

Hold the Faith is the first book in a fiction series about early Christianity. Although all the books are linked with the sub-title – ‘The Apostle John Series’ – he is not the focus of the series. The focus is the people in the early to mid-nineties AD. Yes, that far back. <smile>

In a flyer put out by the publisher it states, “To be a Christian in 1st century Ephesus, under Roman rule, is dangerous.”


In Hold the Faith readers have their first glimpse of the ways in which this is true.

First – the tension between Jews and Christians are demonstrated when Benjamin (fictional great-grandson of the Apostle John) arrives at a Jewish wedding to execute a commission for his father, Samuel the oil-seller.

As the book progresses readers have a window into the distrust, even hatred of the Roman overlords, and the antagonism between pagans and Christians.

Join the Apostle John and Benjamin on their walk around the other churches of the Roman province of Asia Minor and meet some of the leaders and brethren in the churches named in Revelation 2 and 3.

Churches of Asia Minor

The near death of Benjamin’s mother cuts short the tour, which has already lasted more than a year, but while waiting for her recovery, Benjamin finds his love interest. Then a jealousy within the fellowship starts to show and Benjamin is cruelly spurned – but not by the young woman.

The story continues in book 2 – Grow in Grace, which will be available in print in May 2016.

At the same time I have been reading and correcting galley proofs, as well as reviewing book 4 – Keep the Flame, ready for my wonderful editor to check. It has been an interesting experience trying to keep separate these two different parts of the story.

A ‘glutton for punishment’ some would say – but during March 2016 I was privileged to be part of the Blogging Challenge which focused on International Women’s Day. The commitment was a post a week for four weeks. It was outside my ‘normal’ area of research, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the diversity of the posts from the other bloggers.

You can read the posts on the blog on my author website page


Stay tuned for other news about the book series – and if you missed the early posts on this blog and might be curious about some of the interesting facts researching the series turned up… please ask.

I have yet to fully set up my Reader’s Circle newsletter – in the meantime you can subscribe to the ‘Behind the Book’ brochures by emailing me at this link.

Tread softly – they are someone’s dreams








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