Rejection of God

Rejection of God (part 3)

A reminder that this is a ‘rejection’ series, based on a sermonette given by John Reiss of Chicago.

His definition of rejection is…

“Rejection can come in many different forms, and on different levels. The Bible is full of stories of the godly being rejected by the world.   Genesis sets us the pattern…”

Here, I will diverge from John’s message because he did not go into Adam and Eve’s rejection of God. Most of us  know the story – Eve ate the forbidden fruit, found it good to eat, and gave it to her husband, Adam.

The garden of Eden with the fall of man, by Jan Brueghel de Elder and Peter Paul Rubens
The garden of Eden with the fall of man
*oil on panel *74.3 × 114.7 cm *signed b.l.: ETRI PAVLI RVBENS FIGR.*signed b.r.: IBRUEGHEL FEC *circa 1615
Wikipedia commons

Sometimes it seems there is an implied criticism of God for putting them in the Garden and leaving them… at the mercy of Satan. Perhaps.

Some things to consider…

In Genesis 3 we notice that God was walking in the Garden. When Adam and Eve hid themselves, God asked, “Where are you…”

This puts a question in my mind… did God usually walk in the Garden, enjoying His creation and talking with Adam and Eve in ‘the cool of the day’? (verse 8a)

Change situations for a moment and think about your own child-rearing (or if you are not a parent, how you were instructed as a young child).

child chewing electric cordIs your child free to roam and explore without instruction… or were you let loose – in the home or outside? I remember the ‘lectures’ about what I could and could not do; warnings about the nearby river, about crossing the street, talking to strangers… etc etc. And I remember giving similar warnings to my own children.

Is it likely…

That God, not only our Father… but with His new creation,  made in His own image… would NOT instruct them? I DO NOT THINK SO!

Adam and Eve did not have mobile (Australia) cell (US) phones. They would have talked to each other, and God. There were no other people there to call them or distract them.

Aha… but there was Satan, who by this time was God’s adversary. He was not always this…

“You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering: ….”
Ezek 28: 12b, 13a

In verse 14 it says, “You were the anointed cherub who covers… and in verse 15, “You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you…”

Most Christian denominations recognize that this was Lucifer, who became Satan… the adversary. (Some gnostic teachings do not recognize this.)

on your belly, image
San Diego Jewish World

So, Satan, presumably still beautiful, approached Eve. (Nowhere in the Bible does it say that when he was cast out he became ugly… or a serpent.

‘On your belly you shall go, and you shall eat dust… was the curse on him. Before that there is no mention of the Adversary being ugly, or a slithering snake.)

Eve was taken in by this clever fallen angel, and ignored God’s warning to them. Adam presumably watched. He did not step in to caution her to remain obedient. Was he curious to see what would happen? (Did either of them know what ‘die’ meant?)

Adam accepted the fruit when his wife offered it. In putting his own desires before God’s instruction he rejected God.

There are many ‘thinking points’ to the whole story, but the fact remains that by their disobedience, Adam and Eve rejected God and chose ‘self-government’.

If we are honest, are we any different? What or who do we choose? Self-government… or to believe God. For some there is no recognition of a God. And there are many ‘flavours’ between those who believe.

One day we will know. Till then perhaps we should more carefully consider our ways.





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