Before you click ‘Publish’… read these hints

Whether you have written a blog post, a short story, or a book of any length, here are some things to consider…

Before you click ‘Publish’ –cartoon of angel and demon whispering in opposite ears

  1. Tune out the contradictory voices whispering … one in your left ear and another in your right ear.
    (You know the feeling… one is telling you to click the button, the other is telling you it will make you look a fool.)
  2. Pause, take a deep breath.
    If you have only just finished it, perhaps now would be a good time to make a coffee and come back and read it again.


question marks imageNow for some questions…

Did you run the spell-checker?

Equally important…

Did you check what the spell-checker suggested?

(I have read some books where it is clear that the author ran the spell-checker and accepted without looking. Some of them make the text strange.)


Have you given it to someone else to read first?
(This is especially important with a book.)

Often things that make sense to you, do not to others.

photo of blue pet budgieE. G. To me, a Scot living in Australia, a ‘budgie’ is a small bird that is kept as a pet, in a cage; a cute bird that can be taught to talk.  When I mentioned it to a friend in the US, she asked – “What is a budgie?”

When I related that to an Australian friend, her answer was that it is  ‘underwear’.

One didn’t know, the other thought of something completely different to what I had in mind.

If you need the term in your writing – it’s a good idea to explain it.

“I like your pet budgie. When I was growing up we only had green ones, I like the blue color of yours. Have you taught it to talk yet?

There are many other variations that would demonstrate that the budgie is a pet bird, of the parrot family.

  1. If you are happy with everything,
    1. Grit your teeth
    2. Move the mouse to the publish button…
    3. Close your eyes if you have to…
    4. And click that PUBLISH button.image - publish button with mouse pointer


Successfully publishing an eBook or blog post, short story or article is more to do with checking all your facts, and re-reading. It is not usually luck, it is perseverance.

Even if you notice later that you have made a mistake in the post or book… all is not lost. You can always edit a blog post. If it’s a book, go over the manuscript again. When you are satisfied you can upload a new version.

image of thumb up symbol




When your first positive review (or encouraging comment) arrives you will be ‘over the moon’. (That’s a term for being elated <smile>)

Feel free to share this post

All the best



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