Sources or distractions?

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A question I am often asked about my books… ‘What are your sources?’

Well, other than the Bible, I do a great deal of research. At the end of the first ever eBook edition of Hold the Faith, was a list of the sources I used. But it took too many pages <smile> so in subsequent editions those pages were not included.

Someone asked if I would supply them at the book launch (in Australia, it is already available in the US… or here in Australia if someone wants to pay the international postage.)

To answer that, the other year, I had two hard  drive crashes. Lost the lot, because one was the backup. Well, I have an alternative, I saved that early edition and research to a CD. So, yes. By the time it is launched in Australia I should have found and printed that list… and added other sources.)

However, I never stop researching. Book four is written, although not published, book five is becoming clearer in my mind… but I am always curious, checking facts… from more than one source.

And therein lies a potential problem. <grin>

Some of the information I chase out has links to other sites.  Now they are not needed for the Apostle John series on early Christianity… but they are interesting. That’s what I meant when I titled this ‘Sources or Distractions?’

Well, I found a really interesting distraction recently. I wrote to the site owners and asked permission to use some of their information for the blog. Then changed my mind when I re-looked at the site. Instead, I am including a link, and recommend that if you are interested in Biblical history go check them out. There is a very useful chart on the 35 writers of the books of the Bible. It is a very worthwhile site!

When I have solved the problems of transferring my website, Internet dropouts and arranging the book launch, I intend to go back and explore some more.

The website is

That page is just the start. Have fun exploring!

Photo, Hold the Faith, print cover

By the way… if you have bought/read any of my books and have not left a review – I encourage you to please leave a review where you bought it from.

The print version of Hold the Faith (book 1 in the series) is available on Amazon, and I know someone told me they had bought a copy from Barnes and Noble. Perhaps your review of the book is missing.

Amazon link is HERE

In closing just let me say that I am praying for all of you with snow, ice and other dangerously cold conditions, and on the other end of the scale, for all the folks dealing with the heat and bushfires in Australia.

And a big ‘shout-out’ to all the emergency workers and volunteer fire brigades. God bless you and protect you as you risk your lives to help others!

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