Scammers and scamming abound

There are always scammers around!

But sometimes they are so plausible… or we are so preoccupied with either miss it, or just notice in time.

Sometimes it almost slips by for other reasons, as it was for me last week.

This arrived in the Inbox.

Google alert HTF

I admit it; I was cross.

The PDF version is available at Smashwords and has been for about three years… and at $3.99 US, not an unreasonable price.

I clicked on the link… and was puzzled.

Google alert HTF2





Smashwords do not have the ‘new’ cover photo since it was done by the publisher, for the print book.





Since I am in the throes of arranging the launch of the print book, at the same time re-building my website, not to mention a myriad of minutiae. (In which I find it all too easy to immerse myself in.)

Busy, I was. Preoccupied, definitely. Foolish… well, sometimes.

Annoyance gave way to “What is this??????????”

I decided to sign up and see if they were offering my book.

google alert HTF 5


Hard to see if it was the text of my book behind the button.


I clicked it.


Hmm. First section, innocuous enough. Enter email and choose a password. Then click the ‘Next’ button/arrow.

Aha! That page asked for credit card details. Why? ‘Sign up’ I could understand, credit card for a free account. Something smelled fishy.

A valid credit card number was required to verify my mailing address, hmm?

“We GUARANTEE that NO CHARGES will be applied for validating your account.” So said one section

I went off and did some online searching for LilPlay.

They offer free downloads of children’s movies, eBooks, and music.

There are some praise videos on YouTube… but good points in a warning one. (And one from me…. offensive comment comes with this.)

Scamming is on the rise.


Are we a world of people who want everything – or as much as we can, for nothing?

But, if this is a scam, which others as well as I think it seems to be, then your free book, free movie, free music, might cost you much more that you bargained for.

Scamming is clever.

If it wasn’t then no one would be scammed. But we need to watch our behavior. And that’s another blog <SMILE>

Be careful online. The old adage is still true… ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’.

I have contacted the company and asked them to remove my book. I gave no one authority to give this away free. If I had, it would have been through Smashwords or Amazon.

Take care online, put the scammers out of work!

Logo for website



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