Being a Writer

Yes, it has been a long time. I have been to America, had a nightmare trip back. (Doha airport is not passenger-friendly if you have a long layover) see my post on my author site…

I still have aches and pains – but, I am back and my time with my church family was AWESOME!

Pie chart cartoon of 1st draft


The first draft of Keep the Flame (book 4 in the Apostle John series) is keeping me busy. As any writer knows editing the first draft of a book is the worst part of writing. It is hard work.

Decisions have to be made about what to keep, what to leave in the book, and what to delete.

There are things to be checked as well. For me, the timeline – with three books in the series already, it has to all match up… and with another seeming necessary to finish the story, another list of what to follow up on.

As I mentioned to a few people recently ‘I have a new appreciation for God. He hears and answers all our prayers – even if we don’t like the answers. He keeps this universe running, and He is working His purpose out… and here am I with all these lists keeping a track of a three – five year period.


So, while I check on details, and find distractions… some of them are interesting.  (Even if they are nothing to do with my research into the 1st Century AD.)

One such discovery was a blog post by fellow Aussie writer, Lynn Fowler. You can read it here, and I think she has encapsulated the writing process… and peoples’ attitude to this weird breed of people… writers. (I especially relate to number 3)

See what you think…

Well, back to it. The words will not type themselves.

Heading back from this distraction to picking over Keep the Flame.



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