How Easy it is…

Bletchley Circle titlecard

Recently I watched an episode of the Bletchley Circle. The four women had worked out a mass murderer was ‘collecting’ his victims from a particular train line. In the episode I saw, they were trying to work out how the murderer managed to get the young women off the train without them making a fuss. In other words, going with him willingly.

I daresay there are many ways – I found out a way to be ‘taken’ cooperatively this morning.

This morning I had an appointment with a specialist at a private medical centre. That went well, better than expected, and I happily left the clinic. I had been gifted with the taxi fare – but there were no taxis when I waited in the cold. However, a bus came, so I took that to Perth, two minutes away.

Perth Esplanade Busport
Wikimedia commons

When I exited the Busport, I must have turned the wrong way – it is not a place I am familiar with. As I stood there, looking left and right a well-dressed man, possibly in his forties, stopped. He asked me something, I cannot remember what now. I told him what I was trying to find. At first he gave me directions, then said he would walk with me. (See how easy it is!)

He smiled, and talked. He asked me if I was a visitor to Perth. When I said that I wasn’t he asked what had brought me to town. I answered in the vaguest of terms. With a lovely smile, he told me his name. I told them there was someone in my book with that name, but did not give him my name.

That whole area is being ‘constructed’ and as I accompanied this man, in what I knew was the wrong direction, I saw all the fenced off construction sites and figured there would be no help. In all honesty, I did not feel that I needed it, at that point, but if I had, for such a busy city – elsewhere – it was deserted here.

I queried where he was leading me, and he assured me it was the way I needed. See how easy it is. Although I knew it was wrong, I was watching and assessing and working out the direction I was being ‘taken’ in. I could always turn and go back to the Busport – which was now some distance away.

Al-fresco cafe

Well, I truly was in totally the wrong place, but when we rounded a corner there was a café – one of those ‘alfresco’ ones. (It must have been cold for those folks sitting there.) Anyway. From that café I could see a plaza-type space that led to the street that my husband and I used to walk up to book our tickets at the Emirates office.

Thanking him, when he was distracted at the café, I hurried to the main street, crossed the road at the traffic lights and walked up to a street with a busy taxi rank.

I do not think I was in any danger… but – if I had been a young woman, perhaps a bit ‘tiddly’ and lost and some personable and very well-dressed man had offered to assist…

There are many situations in which women willingly go with strangers. In this day and age – we need to BEWARE.

Just thought I would share this. It is easier than we think.



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