The Light of Truth – progress

Still lots to do, but  The Light of Truth is done !!!

smashwords imageIt is available for pre-order at Smashwords. Until the release date of 29th July 2015 the price is discounted to $3.99. On the release date it will revert to the full price of $4.99.

Check it out – The Light of Truth

(It will be available in Kindle (.mobi) format, epub and all leading e-reader formats.)

On a personal note:

Once I started formatting the book for Smashwords… there was a moment, a strange sensation of loss. No, not because the book was finished, book four is underway… but because my husband was not here to enjoy the milestone.

magnifying glass with eye, cartoon

It passed, as these moments do, and I continued my hunt for those extra spaces in the manuscript that can  throw out the conversion.

A day or two later, I experienced another of those ‘moments’, but this time one of gratitude for God’s mercy. An ultrasound of my heart, pre-cursor to a stress test, revealed a hole in the graft in my aorta. I know how that news would have affected my husband. (The stress test was postponed.)

In the meantime I have…

  • A website to finish
  • A trailer to make
  • Marketing. (The part I like least.)

So many things competing for attention… and I discovered something this morning… Yorkshire puddings don’t rise so well when the eggs are old.





Back to it… the morning is progressing.



2 thoughts on “The Light of Truth – progress

  1. Christine Romano

    Susan, so pleased you have pushed through, congrats for finishing your 3rd book, will buy now, its sure to be as engrossing as the other two which I enjoyed, Christine


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