Apostle John series, book 3


No… I have neither died, nor given up LOL.

I have endured a series of complications beginning in March this year, and am currently waiting to get rid of the persistent cough left behind by a cold – taking vitamins, drinking lots of water etc.

At one point I thought I was heading into another bout of pneumonia…


I could not spare the time for hospital, nor, I must confess, did I have the least inclination to spend time in one.

working cartoonHowever, the main reason for my absence has been ‘nose to the grindstone’ – fingers to the keyboard, eyes to the screen… final draft of The Light of Truth, book 3 in the Apostle John series.The last three chapters are currently with the editor/proof-reader extraordinaire.

(And I have spent the morning working on various sections for book four.)

So, I have been missing in action – from the blog, from Facebook, from Twitter… and from a lot of my ‘email’ buddies.

One of the things I did manage to do, was build a ‘practice’ website. (I was waiting for my dormant domain name to be released from the company I bought it from.) It was a pleasing experience though. (The practice site.)

Wow. Website building with WordPress and plugins is much easier that doing all that HTML5 and CSS for manually. (I never ventured into Java… if it is needed on my site, I guess there would be a plugin for that too.) The practice site is www.truefaithpublishing.com Feel free to explore LOL, but remember to come back 🙂

I am hoping to have time to work on my own site soon, perhaps before the launch of The Light of Truth.

So, an overview of this soon-to-be released book.

Cover for The Light of Truth

The Light of Truth shows the effect of the truth on one Jewish family, while at the same time continuing the story of the cost to the brethren. The Roman province of Asia Minor in the 1st Century AD was a dangerous place for Christians.

Opening near the end of the Feast of Tabernacles, kept by a Jewish group, rather than the Apostle John, his family and followers, a baby is found to have ‘the fever’.  A death sentence in the 1st century AD.

What follows increases the risk for the Jewish woman who had already risked so much with her curiosity about why the Apostle John’s prayer was heard and her younger daughter was healed. (Grow in Grace, book 2 in the series.)

The Roman soldiers continue their watch, and their restrictions on the fellowship of the ‘Way’, while the Apostle John works to finish his memories of his time with Jesus Christ, his Cousin, and Savior.

Benjamin is in part the cause of ‘Old Simon’s’ granddaughter’s beating, and the saving of her life… just.

This book has many twists, and side-characters, but never loses direction.

I will pre-release The Light of Truth on Smashwords. (My personal opinion is that they are fairer to ‘unknown’ authors, than the ‘big one’, beginning with A.) The difference being of course, that if you have a Kindle, it is not quite as automatic… unless you know your Kindle address. Another way is adding books manually – which is quite simple. Again my personal opinion, Smashwords make it easy for readers as well as authors, with many ‘help’ guides.

(No… I am not being paid to promote Smashwords, just sharing my experience.)

Well, the day – here in Western Australia – is rapidly moving on, so I need to have a look at that website waiting to be built. And I will have to work on the cobweb baby shawl that is also a work in progress.

Still walking,






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