Cover choice – result

Thank you text

Many thanks to the people who voted in the recent poll; for the comments; and to the people who commented via Facebook.


My favourite did not win.

Neither did the photographer’s favourite.

The winner was clearly the one with the footsteps.

My problem with that choice, was that there was nothing in the book about a beach. I doubt whether in the 1st century AD the beach was anything other than a workplace… and as the harbour silted up, and the resulting marshes a haven for malaria and other diseases… Mmm. Need I say more? Naomi almost died in Hold the Faith, when nursing someone with a fever.

With the help of ‘Olabradha’ who sizes the images correctly for eBook covers, and does the titles for me, the winner was able to be used.

Someone offered the opinion that the combination of the font on another cover together with number three was her choice. So, that was tried. So was moving the picture somewhat so that the water came out. I will post the resulting ‘winning’ cover below.

In offering thanks to the people who commented, it would be remiss of me to not thank ‘Olabradha’ for the many versions he produced of this cover after it was chosen. The idea of ‘picking’ a colour from the Aurora for the titles was his inspiration. ‘Brilliant’.

Like the covers for Hold the Faith, and Grow in Grace, this cover is an international accomplishment. The photographer lives in Tasmania, Australia – where she took the photos of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). If you are on Facebook look at her page of photos, she is a very gifted lady. Lena’s Lens Photography.

‘Olabradha’ and his patient wife live in Chicago, and I am in Western Australia. We are all on different time zones.

So now it is time for me to go back to writing book 3, for which this cover was designed.

The Light of Truth cover image

 Praise God – that awesome ‘light show’ is His creation.



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