Apostle Peter or Simon Magus?

It is amazing what can turn up in book research.

Map, ancient Nile delta


In book three of the Apostle John series, of which ‘Hold the Faith’ was the first, some back-bench characters are moving forward, and some new characters are making an entrance.

These new characters  need a background, and I have done a huge amount of digging in the ‘Nile Delta’ (not literally LOL).


However, I needed something to happen to make one of the people coming in to the story become disillusioned with Christianity… in those days commonly called ‘The Way’.  Back to the tunnelling through the pages of early Christianity. A chance remark by one person set me off on an interesting investigation. It led me to… http://www.reformation.org/simon_peter_versus_simon_magus.html

It was over thirty A4 size pages long. But it was an interesting hypothesis.

Here is an example…

Simon Magus Blends Paganism With Christianity!

What Simon did was to bring the Babylonian and Greek religious beliefs into a form of Christianity in order to bring about, as Harnack says, a UNIVERSAL [Catholic] religion.

“The amalgam of paganism and Christianity which was characteristic of Gnosticism, and which was especially obvious in the Simonian system, is readily explicable in the teaching of Simon Magus, who, according to the story in Acts, was brought into intimate contact with Christian teaching without becoming a genuine member” (Ibid., p. 496).

And further on…

It was NOT Simon Peter who went to Rome to become Apostle to the Gentiles, but the SIMON in Rome was SIMON MAGUS!

That Peter the Apostle was not with Simon Magus in Rome is made plain by the Encyclopedia Biblica, col. 4554.

It was interesting that in the Biblical evidence that was quoted, the Apostle Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles. Peter’s ministry was primarily to the Jews.

There is an interesting comment in that regard on https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080806011158AA92HRN

There as many, or more, sites saying that Saint Peter went to Rome. (Saint?) That seems to divulge the authorship of those articles.

When writing background into my books, I usually do not rely on one source… unless it is the Bible, which is why I checked what others had to say.

Book of Acts image


The Bible gives no clear direction of any of the Apostles. Could that be because the message they preached was more important than where they went? I think so.


Nevertheless, look out for Hamadi/Judah in book three. All this research, and more, was because of him.

Sharing some research


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One thought on “Apostle Peter or Simon Magus?

  1. Raymond Sean Walters

    {It was interesting that in the Biblical evidence that was quoted, the Apostle Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles. Peter’s ministry was primarily to the Jews.}

    I have lost count of the number of discussions I have had with others (some of whom were/ are pastors or lay leaders) on this particular statement/ topic.

    Over the years I have made many enemies from either asking questions, or from just being thorough in my research studies.

    Reason, Logic, and Common Sense are definitely unappreciated skills and talents to have in this biased and misguided world we are in.

    Thank you for sharing your research with us all.


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