Scottish referendum


My loyalty is to God. However, I am a Scot living in Australia, so I have viewed the referendum with interest.

Map of ScotlandWhat is best for the country (Scotland and the British Isles both) has been beyond my ability to work out. Oh, it is easy to be fervent… but as I have discovered, the ‘big picture’ is not so easily seen when you are part of the tapestry. So, I prayed about the result, and left it to God. Yes, I DO believe He is interested. More than interested in fact.

Growing up in Scotland was interesting. (I cannot think of another way to describe it.) Please let me explain.

My family was working class. Poor – yes, but working… and grateful to be so. The shipyards on the River Clyde were not only booming, but famous. The textile and hosiery mills in the Border country were busy too.

Then came the closures.

And over the course of a couple of generations, a once proud people – proud of their heritage, I mean, were lost. In their place was a generation of unemployed people, struggling to survive. They had children… very few of whom had hope… of anything different.

Dr Beeching had axed many of the railways. I guess they were not making a profit, or not a big enough one. Then, as anyone who has watched the movie “Brassed Off’ will know, Mrs Thatcher did the same to the Midlands of England. But that is not my purpose here… I was interested in the results of the Scottish referendum.

Before it began, my son had written in a message….

Whatever the case, the SNP have led a superb campaign, and have won already in any case as the UK parties have agreed, at the last minute, to massively increase the funding and powers of the devolved Scottish parliament in a desperate attempt to head off the YES vote. Either way, some of the problems of Scotland will start to be addressed.”

The ‘No’ vote won.

It is my hope, and prayer, that my son’s comments are correct, and Scotland Edinburgh Castlecan regain some national pride. It will take a while. Scottish minds can take a while to ‘change’. They are, after all, a fiercely loyal (and somewhat stubborn) race. Look at the history of the country.

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