Little foxes

The seesaw continues

seesaw image

After an externally-imposed cessation of the de-cluttering, due to being in hospital, I start to feel better… and the excess of goods are still there.

cluttter boxedOh, how many apologies I will owe my husband when we meet again. He was telling the truth when he said he couldn’t move in the storage room/shed. I found a large cardboard box in there today that I don’t need to keep any longer… but it was too high to reach, and even if I had my step-stool back, there would not have been enough room to put them up, So the empty cardboard box has a reprieve for the moment.

Recently, I attended an orientation training for Carer advocates.

Oh dear it took me days to process how much the hospitals did not adhere to the ‘Carers Recognition Act 2004’. (Which I had never heard of.) Apart from the long-running association with hospitals because of Geoff’s health, I remember his frustration when I had the procedure to insert the very large graft in my aorta. I remember him saying, “I need to know because I am her carer”, (At that time our roles were reversed.) He had less success than I had in being included in a ‘care plan’.

Interesting in how many ways, large and small, our attitudes are tested.

I guess we generally think of ‘big tests’, like  those Job underwent. But the big things we are usually able to recognise, and put up our defences.

Have you heard this one…?

“Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes, that ruin the vineyards–for our vineyard is in bloom.”
Song of Solomon 2: 15 NET

little foxes

…though foxes are carnivorous animals in the main, they also devour plants, so that besides digging their holes in the vineyards, and making tracks among the vines and gaps in the fences, they actually bite the young shoots of the vines and eat the grapes.
Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges

They could be likened to the ‘fiery darts’ of Ephesians 6: 16, potentially very destructive.

Think of all the ‘little foxes’ in your life. You might be surprised how many there are.

They rob us of our peace if we don’t recognise what they are. (Recognising them is the first step in dealing with them.)

Just thinking




5 thoughts on “Little foxes

    • Hold the Faith

      How very true for so many of us. Have one of those first ‘milestones’ coming up… in some ways that too is a ‘little fox’… well my initial reaction about it. Have decided to head off into the storage shed tomorrow and try and sort it out. That’s a good way to spend a milestone 🙂


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