Hold the Faith trailer


I am being targeted by a company who want to ‘promote’ the video for Hold the Faith. After looking at the ‘campaign’, it seems to me that the method is that I will pay for people to be ‘spammed’ with this trailer.

No thank you!

As anyone who has read this blog for a while, or explored the pages, will know, Hold the Faith is an eBook in a narrow genre.

It is both historical, and fiction… and it is Christian. (I cannot see that ‘spamming’ people is correct.)

Don’t YOU hate landing on a page and have a video, or clip play automatically? I know I do.

So, if you don’t know there is a YouTube video about the eBook, then the best place to see it is here. Not popping up to annoy people on random pages.

So I have put it in below. It does NOT play automatically. If you want to view it, click the ‘arrow’.




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