How to help the grieving… link to post

I know I have been ‘tardy’ in writing these days. I found an amazing  blog post, that explains a lot of what grieving people go through. (And I am in the early stages of coming to terms with my ‘new’ life.)

I am also so busy trying to ‘de-clutter’. It’s not that I am trying to purge my husband out of my life… I am continuing what we planned we would do when we returned from our trip last year.

Still, life has twists we don’t know about, and for me, that was good.

prayingI am so pleased that I know and trust God.


Thank you,


Here’s a link to the blog post. Hope you find it helpful 🙂

(Not everything in it is what I experience… but each person grieves in their own way.)




4 thoughts on “How to help the grieving… link to post

    • Patty B

      Life is indeed a see saw – I also finished our de-cluttering this past year, like you said not to purge Tom from my life but to continue on what was started. A year later and I am still coming to terms with my new life. It is not easy but today I gave it over to Jesus and allowed Him to lift me up – it is something we did not want is it? And yes, we can trust God for our comfort and for the presence of Jesus to fill our void. God has indeed sustained me this past year. In Gods love….


  1. Hold the Faith

    I realise that de-cluttering comes in stages… and the many ‘holes’ I have fallen down lately are ‘par for the course’.

    Your comments and support are appreciated. Thank you Patty.


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