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Hold the Faith review, excited

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5.0 out of 5 stars Imagine! Experience! Live! Early Christian Life trials and tribulations., April 4, 2014
This review is from: Hold the Faith (The Apostle John Series) (Kindle Edition)
“Hold the Faith” is an interesting story of Christian life as it may have been in biblical times. Although the characters are fictional, they are vividly described in detail and the reader can easily imagine the experiences of their lives: the joys, the hatred and cruelty of others towards Christians.
The descriptive scenes of this era are depicted as though they were realistic to what I would have imagined that it may have been like to live in those tumultuous times. The story draws you in to want to know more.
Readers of all ages may find this interesting for book group discussions and religion class projects as well.
Due to Mrs. Preston’s take on the story, I can see this book turned into a movie because of the story line and it’s take on Christianity and religion. Its uniqueness has added more to the story than what we’ve previously have been taught and it has created curiosity for me wonder what surprises a sequel will hold.
Book 2 – Grow in Grace is available on Kindle and at Smashwords where there is the choice of several formats.
A word about the person who reviewed this…
Sheena Smith is a Trafford Gold  Seal Recipient for Literary  Excellence’ for her book “Life Simply Put”. Check it out here… http://lifesimplyput.com/book/
Life simply put

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