God Paints Our World

I have kept all  the cards that were sent to my husband and I over the years. Currently however, I need so much to de-clutter. So, I took a very large bundle off the bookshelf in the little passage… and lost myself reading through them. I made a decision,  I am not going to get rid of them. They will go in a scrapbook and I can read them on the ‘down’ days. I found this wonderful poem in one – and it is an example of what is expressed in the poem, because my current Bible study is on ‘How Much Does God Love You?” The poem reinforces the study.

Everywhere I look

Everywhere I look, I find

Some wondrous handiwork of Thine,

Every single day I see

Some lovely thing You’ve given me.

My heart almost overflows,Red rose

At the sight of velvet rose,

Lacey fern, and birds that sing,

Lord, You give me everything

As the early morning breeze

Softly stirs though leafy trees,

Comes the dawn all steeped in gold,

More than my two arms can hold.

Silver stars throughout the night,

Purple shadows, pale moonlight,

Turn my thoughts again to Thee,

Lord, I fear You’re spoiling me.

Everywhere I look I find

Beauty of the richest kind,

Little joys throughout the day,

Almost take my breath away.

How very precious I must be,

That you should have such love for me,

And in each cranny, smallest nook,

I find you everywhere I look.

 By: Grace E Easley

I have memories of gentler climates, of rain (we are very short of rain here in Western Australia), of snow… and I know some of you had too much… I have experienced that too, a very long time ago. But my life for more years than I care to remember, has been here in the very different beauty of Western Australia. I love the way God paints the dawn sky.

The wild-flowers here are awesome. 'common fringed lily'The ‘common fringed lily’ has been a favourite since I first met it so many years ago. It has always looked to me like satin, with feathers.




· Even the succulents can surprise me sometimes… and some plants ‘peculiar’ to Australia are evidence of the awesome wonder of God’s mind.Grass tree, triple spike   God paints our world with beauty. We need the eyes to see it, the time to appreciate it, and the faith to accept it.

Just thinking



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