Wild weather delay

My apologies for the interruption to the weekly post on this blog.

wind stormWe have had two days of storms, wild winds, and what our news described tonight as the worst storm this year.

I knew it was bad because I lay listening to it


After sleeping for 10 minutes early in the night, I was awake for the rest of the night. Although we always unplug the TV and the computers during storms, we could not unplug the fridge and freezer. So, when the light we leave on, and the alarm clock, showed several power disruptions, all I could do was pray for protection on the electrical goods we could not unplug.

I listened to the storm, I prayed for protection when the winds were at their height, as well as thinking that the rain sounded as though someone had turned a tap on full bore!.

Since we had to be up at 4.00 am (ended up rising at 3.30 am because it was too late to sleep then) I prayed for a break in the weather so that we could drive to the bus station and catch the first bus… without being drenched.

We drove to the bus station, dodging broken branches and ‘wheelie bins’  that had been blown into the road.

Wheelie bins blown by the storm
Photo credit, West Australian newspaper

God was merciful. More merciful than we knew.

When we returned home after a day at the hospital, we saw that a neighbour’s super six fencing was lying flat on the verge. (This type of fencing is usually sunk several feet into the ground.

The only damage we sustained was a tear in the seam of a  mesh cover of our backyard pavilion.

Now, I am so tired I can barely think straight 🙂 and shall be heading off to bed soon.

Praise God for His mercy… and that I was able to function all day on 10 minutes sleep and a lot of prayer.

This site will resume soon, just wanted to let you know why there was no post earlier.



Here is a link to some of the damage.



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