The heavens declare…

Starry sky

The heavens declare the glory of God Psalm 19: 1a

So starts one of my favourite psalms.

In our metropolitan areas, it is almost impossible to fully take in the expanse of the heavens, and the awesome majesty of the stars. City lights obscure the view. If you live in a country area, then you are blessed indeed.

Not long after coming to live in Australia, I had the opportunity to make a car trip across the Nullarbor Plain from Perth to Adelaide. The first time I saw this vast Australian sky at night was an awe-inspiring experience. In fact I could use all the superlative words I know, and still not come close to describing the experience.

In those days, the road was not so busy, and because of the long  time needed to travel, sometimes we drove at night. The little image at the top of this post could not possibly compare to what we saw in that vast expanse of the heavens.

The other day I was remembering that experience and thinking that would have been what the Apostle John and his great-grandson Benjamin as they slept outdoors.(In Hold the Faith, the novel that is.)

They would have seen the skies, undiluted by street lights, city traffic… and in peace.

(I am thinking of the time in the book that the pair travelled around all the fellowship groups in the Roman province of Asia Minor.)

Before that…

Jesus would have slept under those skies.

I wonder what He thought when He looked up at His creation.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. John 1: 1 – 3

Have you ever noticed sunrise or sunset skies?

When it was safe to walk early in the morning where I live in Western Australia, I used to go out for a walk a little before dawn. The awesome colours of those sunrise skies greeted me each morning. But it seemed to me that no two were exactly the same.

Before the sun rose, and the first colours pushed the darkness aside, I would smile, and wonder what sunrise gift God would bless me with that day.

The background of this blog is one of those sunrise skies. I chose it because it toned in beautifully with the cover my special friend gave me for the cover of Hold the Faith, the novel. I also love the photo of the sunrise sky 🙂

Talking about my ‘lovely Lena’, here is a picture she took recently of the aurora in Tasmania.

Aurora in Tasmania
Courtesy Lena’s Lens Photography

Who would believe such colours existed in our skies. .. and it is not Photo-shopped.

Another night the colours were different…

lena's aurora 2
Courtesy Lena’s Lens Photography

Strange as it might be to believe, these are un-retouched and accurate photos.

God’s glory, and variety is awesome

Lena  really is a most gifted and humble photographer, and I thank God for our meeting and continuing friendship.

Enjoy her photographs… and enjoy our God’s wonderful creation.

I wish you peace, blessings , awe and wonder.




Lena’s Lens Photography

Reviews of Hold the Faith

P.S. A  note from Lena….

The blog stated the pics are untouched but in post process all that is done is saturation bought up to highlight the colours.

The camera brings out what the naked eye cannot see. That which God provides can’t always be seen but it  is there.

It is the only editing done with these pics on a 30 sec exposure that captures what naked eye can’t see.


Thanks Lena, I do not understand it, but I guess other photographers will. I am happy to add your comment to the post 🙂


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