Re-blog… Shall The Church Give Satan A Hand?

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Shall The Church Give Satan A Hand?

Posted on June 6, 2012

I like many other kids growing up in the late fifties read comic books. I was a D.C. comic book fan. Everyone had a favorite superhero. Most kids chose Superman or Batman, but I wanted to be different. My superhero was the Green Lantern. No other superhero had a ring which could project itself into any object or weapon he chose. Needless to say, I was shocked at the announcement that D.C. Comics was converting my favorite childhood superhero into a homosexual! Shall the church give Satan a hand?

Although shocked, I am not surprised, because the homosexual community has stormed out of the closet and is driving the church headlong into the cellar. I admire their efforts, tenacity, patience, and determination. They set about a course to change society many years ago, and never looked back. Shall the church give Satan a hand?

In October 2011, I watched the pilot of the most vile television cartoon I had ever seen, the Allen Gregory Show. It revolved around an obnoxious young boy being raised by homosexual parents. On Allen’s first day at a public school, he fantasized having sexual relations with his sixty plus year old female principal. Allen’s father and his male companion intimated a desire to engage in activities unsuitable for public viewing.

This show was so repulsive that I sent emails to some pastors, family members and anyone else I could think of in an attempt to sound the alarm. I emailed the network and notified the FCC of what I considered indecent programming. Outside of an obligatory written response from the FCC, all of my efforts only received the sound of crickets. Shall the church give Satan a hand?

My schizophrenic home state of California constantly elects politicians that favor “homosexual marriage”. These politician consistently place homosexual supporting judges on the bench. Californians voted TWICE to keep marriage between one man and one woman, and each time some judge rejected the will of the people. I asked my brother in-law who claims to supports traditional marriage, “Why do you continue to vote for politicians who always in act laws or appoint judges that fight against traditional marriage?” He said, “Republicans won’t let that happen!” Really! Shall the church give Satan a hand?

I asked another relative since she is a Christian and believes that abortion is a sin, why does she continue to vote for people that support the very things she claims to be against, she said, “I love you, but we won’t have this conversation.” Shall the church give Satan a hand?

I started spreading the news about this latest assault on Christianity and our children by the homosexual community and their allies. Some of the very people who always vote for people determined to abort babies and sanitize homosexually, expressed anger and dismay at the information. I still don’t think they have connected the dots! Once again, shall the church give Satan a hand?

Sometime during the past fifty years we lost our moral compass. Although we have advanced technologically, we lost the fear of God. Fifty years ago, neither D.C. Comics, nor any other traditional comic book company would have dared subjected our children to images of men kissing and caressing each other. The citizenry wouldn’t have stood for it. Pastors would have protested against it, and politicians would have demanded investigations. But today, some “pastors” are actively asking their congregations to embrace “homosexual marriage”. The media is promoting it, and politicians are seeking to legalize it. Unfortunately, a large segment of the church is apathetic towards it. Shall the church give Satan a hand?

As the homosexual community continues their efforts to redefine marriage with the help of the media, schools, celebrities and politicians, what will the church do? Will the Bride of Christ rise up and protect the sanctity of marriage, or will she just continue to give Satan a hand at destroying it?

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