Dealing with difficult people

Reblogged from Jon Lillley

We all know this but sadly it is easy to forget.



Over to Jon…

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. —Ephesians 4:2

Have you ever dealt with a difficult person? Of course you have. Dealing with difficult people is a part of life. How should we handle those difficult people? Our first reaction may be to get angry and upset, but this is not how God wants us to respond.

God gives us instructions on how to handle difficult people in His Word. In Ephesians, God tells us to be patient, loving, gentle, and humble. This can be tough, but we have the example of Jesus to follow in this challenge. Think of what He had to put up with in His 12 disciples. Jesus dealt with doubt, a lack of trust, and disbelief, but because of His patience and gentleness, the disciples were transformed. Can we dare do less when we deal with difficult people?

When you deal with a difficult person, ask God for His strength and guidance. Pray that God will give you the power to be as loving, gentle, and patient with others as He was with people during his earthly ministry


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