Hold the Faith trailer

I am awed and surprised by the fact that Hold the Faith finally has a trailer. A bigger surprise is the fact I put it together myself. (Yes, I know I have a Microsoft Master certification… but that only gives me understanding of the tools, not inspiration for the content.)

As always, my husband,  Geoff,  encouraged me, “You will be able to do it…”

So, I fired up PowerPoint – and stared at it.


Inspiration for Hold the Faith trailerEventually, inspiration struck…

Use the sunrise picture for a background image.

Tried it…


That looked good.

When creating PowerPoint ‘shows’, I work with blank slides… so the second step was okay… insert a text-box.


What to put in it?


Anyone who has  stared at  blank slides in PowerPoint will know exactly what that feels like.

More thinking…

Then an idea…idea


Hold the Faith

Well, that’s what the eventual trailer was about.

Next inspiration… have an image of the book come in.

Cover of Hold the Faith

A few hours later, I had three slides.

  • The first one
  • The next one and…
  • The last one.

What was to go between I had no idea.

Bit by bit over the next week or more, ideas would appear, and be added.

How to convert it to a movie?

Found a free trial of a converter, so downloaded it and practiced. Posted the ‘drafts’ on YouTube and asked for comments on my Facebook page.

Great comments. (They were very helpful.)

Made the changes… something still missing. Background music.

Back to those faithful friends…

Anyone ever tried to run a sound file and tee-up the start of a PowerPoint show? (I suppose it would have worked

mouse hand

better with two computers… but I still only have one ‘mouse hand’.)

Listened to many music clips… bent my long-suffering husband’s ear (many times.)‘

Then I found Levi’s music.

Played that to the long-suffering husband…


He liked it as much as I did.

More joy when Levi gave me permission to use his music.

Now… to work out the timing of the music and the PowerPoint.

I paid for the full version of the software.


The trial version automatically included the music… the paid for version did not!

Uninstall, reinstall… still no success.

Eventually I worked it out.

Fortunately I did not have a problem with my sound recorder/editor. Rusty I might be, but my faithful PolderbitS software still performed simply and effectively. Soon I had some sound files.

(PowerPoint does not recognise mp3 format, so I had to convert to .wav, which PolderbitS software enables me to do.)

Now I had all the things to work with. Two days later I had two versions… and great hints from my special Facebook supporters.

Without those special people it would not have been possible – but today… the trailer is live on YouTube.


Wow. Pinch me. I still cannot believe it.

Here is the link… check it out for yourself and feel free to make comments.

Hold the Faith trailer

Shalom, from an exhausted…



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