Hold the Faith…


January, 92 AD

An unnamed source claimed to have witnessed an assault by the apostle John’s great-grandson, Benjamin, on two young guests at a Jewish wedding three days ago.

This reporter was able to talk with one of the two young men earlier today. Thomas ben Jonas, son of a wealthy importer of fine linen stated that he had indeed been attacked by the young man in question.
Thomas ben Jonas clearly does not like the man he accuses of attacking him and his friend Asaph ben Hadad. He said they had all attended the rabbi’s school and Benjamin, son of the oil seller, and great-grandson of the dissident John, had bloodied Asaph’s nose in an unprovoked attack when they were young men.
The young man’s father came on the scene, called his son away, and refused to comment on the matter.
The accused young man was not available to speak to the reporter so his father, Samuel the oil seller, was contacted and stated decisively that there was no truth in the accusation. His son had gone to the farm where the wedding was held and done his work.
The oil seller’s assistant called him away.
Clearly something happened on the last night of the wedding. Something that could bode ill for the group calling themselves the ‘fellowship of the Way’.

Dateline – Ephesus, 92 AD



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