Off topic or relevant?

The average reader might be wondering what the posts in the last few weeks have to do with Hold the Faith, the novel.


So I will explain, before giving a ‘heads up’ on what is coming in the next series.

humility-395x363Humility, Meekness and Patience by JW Ritenbaugh was relevant to Hold the Faith because it was the aim of the Apostle John to promote unity in the church. Unity cannot be achieved without humility… being able to see where you are wrong, take correction, not to mention patience – with yourself and with others as they too work to grow in His image.

There were times when it must have been an uphill battle for our early Christian ancestors. Already ‘ravening wolves’ had been attacking the flock, some brethren jockeyed for position and prestige, not realising that the best way to ‘rise’ is to serve. When Jesus washed the apostles’ feet He was doing the lowliest job of the time. Remember Peter protested vehemently.

What Christ was doing, was showing what He expected of His followers. I challenge you to find a place in the Bible where He behaves as though He is proud of His position as Son of God. He left a powerful non-verbal instruction of quite the opposite… humility.


Whither the Holy Spirit by Richard T Ritenbaugh addresses an issue that many might not even be aware of… is the Holy Spirit a person, or is it the Spirit of God and Christ?

This post is not meant to change anyone’s thinking, just clarify matters for those who do wonder and ask the question.

It clearly was not a problem for the early Christian writers since they never included a greeting from the Holy Spirit. This then is the culture and setting for the novel, Hold the Faith.

Give God Your Best by Jon Lilley was included as a link because, as the writer says… God gave us His Best!

Give God your best

Even our best is not much in comparison, but if we cultivate humility, teachablity, and patience with others we might show that we are attempting to walk in Christ’s steps.

Manly meditations  by Scott Johnson – series of thoughts, observations and scriptures.

Before cities full of high rise buildings, constant flashing lights and noise people had time to look around them, look at the sky, the flowers, trees … in other words – see God’s creation. The apostle John and the brethren of that time walked as they travelled around. They had time to think, reflect and praise God.

Then we come to the recent mini-series…

Paul, the Law and the Operations Manual by David Grabbe.

operating manual

History shows that until the Nicene Council many of the churches were keeping the Sabbath and the Holy Days. I don’t need to say more because David explained it so clearly.

These too had a relevance to Hold the Faith. Because many believe the apostle Paul was anti-law, it was an issue I had to address because the novel is set in the early 90s AD. By then the apostle Paul  had been martyred. The apostle John and the people in the fellowship of the Way, are shown keeping the Sabbaths, Holy Days and dietary laws.  So, having heard David’s excellent message I asked permission to use it. (As I did with the other posts I requested to use.)

Hopefully, I have shown you that the recent posts all had relevance to the novel that this blog is about.

Coming next – a series of ‘news’ articles about the people and events in Hold the Faith, the novel.




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