Ancient public toilets

Wow, there were times when I thought this day would never come. The more I studied the more I wanted to include. However, some will have to wait for the next book in the series. In the meantime Hold the Faith is on Amazon Kindle and I can breathe for a while. 🙂

It also means that I have the time to start putting up ‘tidbits’ from the mountains of research I did… like the public toilets in Ephesus, which was not included in the book. Although the Apostle John, like the rest of us, would have used a toilet… in my book it wasn’t mentioned. Some things are understood.

Public toilets

Image from

In my research I discovered that this was a ‘social’ occasion. I guess with toilets this close there was no choice.

Imagine if ALL public toilets were like this… church, restaurants, airports, street, cinemas… etc etc.

Not for me or anyone I know 🙂

Till next time



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