Warning – if you don’t like spiders don’t read

Hi, my hands are slowly recovering but it is still awkward to type.

I thought in this post I would tell you a bit about me.

I am well over 21 🙂 have had many job experiences which I think adds to my understanding of my characters. I have worked in shops, been a Psychiatric Nurse, and before becoming a published author wrote many computer training manuals for beginners. I have a qualification in Training and Assessing and worked for a couple of training centres so I had firs-hand experience of the frustration they felt.

My husband and I live in Western Australia… the hot side of the country. On the other side – Queensland and parts of New South Wales they are suffering dreadfully from floods. Four people have been killed in Queensland, at the time of writing, over 7000 lost their homes. But… and here’s where the warning comes in… as this picture from Yahoo news shows there are some inhabitants who survive.


Those are its babies on its back. There must be dozens (or more) of the next generation of these…..

This is the reason my husband and I are agreed we will never move to Queensland. It looks very like Shelob from Lord of the Rings.

There are no spiders in Hold the Faith… and future posts will be things about the book!

Be well


PS I spell in UK English


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